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Why our flex bellows popular in USA?

China is a big manufacturing country, there are thousands of companies produce and sale of flex bellows, but most of them mainly serve the petrochemical pipeline installation companies or end customers. The real factories for racing vibrant performance exhaust flex bellows is very rare, and we are one of them. With more than 10 years’ industry experience, our company understand the needs of customers better than other competitors.


Why our flex bellows popular in USA?

1. Supply exhaust flex bellows to American Top 5 of racing parts
2. Planned inventory and sales for exhaust flex bellows from 1.5” to 4”
3. Export flex bellows to more than 20 states in USA
4. No customer quality complaints for 5 consecutive years
5. All exhaust flex bellows parts are made of 304 stainless steel completely
6. Multi-ply design with 30% longer life time than competitors
7. The very rare manufacturers of flex bellows in China
8. More than 15 years’ industry experience
9. ……


Technical advantages of our flex bellows,

a. Full automatic forming machine with Siemens PLC control system
b. Imported Italian pipe expander technology makes directional inner solid liner